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Music Style:  UK hardcore, bouncy techno       First Toucan Track:  Reaction One (Vibemaster B remix)      Real Names:  Barry Walker       Website:
Vibemaster B

Vibemaster B is Barry Walker from Barry first started writing music back in 1993 during the Bouncy Techno explosion in Scotland and went through a phase of writing Happy Hardcore during the late 90's.

For the past few years Barry has been writing UK Hardcore, Scouse House, Trance, Mainstream Dance & Bouncy Techno tunes under the names DJ Jordan K and Vibemaster B. Barry also started up a project called Euphorik Rhythm by writing Acid style Hardcore under the name. Barry's first remix for Toucan was the Vibemaster B version of Prism's "Reaction One" for Toucan Hardcore in 2007.

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