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by Psychadelik Pedestrian


 1. The Eternal Truth (2024 Rework) 2024
 2. Liquid Nitrogen (2024 Remaster) 2024
 3. Outer Self (2024 Remaster) 2024
 4. Night Beach (2024 Remaster) 2024
 5. Sands Of Time (2024 Rework) 2024
 6. Travels In The North (2024 Rework) 2024
 7. Memories (2024 Remaster) 2024
 8. Tranquil War (2024 Rework) 2024
 9. Against The Grain (2024 Rework) 2024
 10. Outer Self (Chilled and Glitchy Mix) 2024
 11. Another Boring Lunchtime By The Window Until... (2024 Rework) 2024


Psychadelik Pedestrian revisits 11 classic tracks from his debut album in this retrospective, all remixed or remastered while retaining the character of the originals. The remix of The Eternal Truth, up first, keeps the drum and bass vibe of the original version and, in the same vein, remasters of Liquid Nitrogen and Night Beach retain their chilled uplifting feel. New mixes of Sands Of Time, Against The Grain and Travels In The North set the soaring strings of the original versions to fresh up to date rhythms, while the remastered drum and bass version of Outer Self sits alongside the spaced out Chilled And Glitchy Mix. The album concludes with a new mix of Another Boring Lunchtime By The Window Until... featuring a retro vibe with an old school jungle breakdown in the middle alongside the piano and uplifting pads.


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