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Podsafe Creative Commons electronic music for free non-commercial use

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Example Creative Commons logoAll of the music you'll find at Toucan Music is royalty free, podsafe and licensed under Creative Commons licences, which not only give you permission use it free of charge but also sometimes gives you the chance to mash up, remix it, sample it or do with it as you wish for non-commercial use! We offer a wide range of styles, including EDM, electro house, trance and chillout, and we use a range of different licences so where you see a symbol such as this one, simply click on it to find out exactly how you can use the tracks. As long as you are not making a profit from your project, you can use our music under a non-commercial licence in your own DJ mixes, radio broadcasts, podcasts, YouTube or Vimeo videos - in fact, anywhere you like - without paying royalties or registering with a royalty collection agency.

We also allow all of our tracks to be used freely in public DJ mix sets, including those for a paying audience, and in recorded DJ mixes providing these are not sold for commercial gain.

The one thing we do ask if you use any of our music is to add a link to our homepage at on your website, podcast, CD sleeve or wherever else you list your credits.

Find music to licence

Choose a style to find dance music to re-use, free of charge:
Trance | House | Electro House | Chillout | Progressive | Minimal | UK Hardcore

Commercial electronic music licensing

If you are making a profit from your project, you will need a commercial licence to use our music. Commercial licences for many of our latest releases are also available through our artist pages on Jamendo, a website which provides a variety of different music licence models for various types of commercial and business use including advertising, promotion and live events. Just click the Jamendo Pro button on the release page of the track you would like to use commercially, or follow the links below to our artist pages on Jamendo.

Free music for commercial use

Looking to find royalty free music for monetized YouTube videos, advertising or another small commercial project? Some of our older tracks are available with less restrictive Creative Commons licences which allow commercial use. Choose an option below to find all of our releases available for free commercial use:
All Commercial licences | BY | BY-ND | BY-SA

Paid commercial music licences

Choose an artist from the list below to see availability of commercial licences:
Aerologic - trance, EDM
Dave Kent - acid house, funky house
JMD - hard, melodic trance
Marc Burt - progressive house and trance
Psychadelik Pedestrian - chillout, dubstep and breakbeat
Redmann - funky house, chillout and dance

Personal licensing requests

If you'd like to use one of our tracks which doesn't currently have a Jamendo Pro licence or a Creative Commons licence to allow commercial use, please fill in the music licensing form opposite and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Most tracks that aren't featured on Jamendo are older material which we can licence for small commercial projects and monetized YouTube videos at lower cost and, in some cases, free of charge. A very small number of tracks contain samples from other material licensed only for non-commercial use and cannot currently be offered for licensing.

Request a licence

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