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Music Style:  Bouncy electro house       First Toucan Track:  Wanna Ride? (2005)      Real Names:  John      
Beat Doctor

The Beat Doctor project began in 2005 with the track Wanna Ride, reviving old school house sounds. The Beat Doctor sound developed further with the addition of sidechaining and stompier beats, as in Beat Doctor's remix of Risey's Memories Of Thailand and his own track Intermission.

By 2008, Beat Doctor had taken a rave-influenced electro house direction, with tracks such as Bad Man, and Too Retro. By 2010, his sound developed to include harder, bass-driven elements as in Nosedive and Anaconda.

Beat Doctor took an extended break from 2011 but returned to Toucan in 2016 with the three track Shot In The Dark EP and again in 2019 with the bass-driven track Sundown.

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