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Music Style:  Progressive House       First Toucan Track:  Yardgroove (2018)      Play on Spotify     
Delta 78

Delta 78 is a British progressive house producer. In 2018, Delta 78 released his debut on the ABX label, Yardgroove, a retro 1990s style house track with an uplifting chord riff. A follow up, Ancestral, a melodic track with classic trance influences, was also released on ABX in 2018, but it was Odyssey, released the following year, that helped to crystallise a definitive Delta 78 sound with classic stuttering trance chords and pads.

Stopwatch, a collaboration with Double Domino from 2019, is a deeper more minimal track which features tribal rhythms, while Morning Star and Summer Breeze saw Delta 78 explore upfront big room progressive melodies.

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