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Music Style:  Trance, Electronica, Synth Pop       First Toucan Track:  Ascending Souls      Real Names:  Holger Mangler       Website:
Frau Holle

German musician Holger Mangler has made music since his early childhood, starting with an interest in drumming, then learning organs and synthesizers until the end of the 80s. Holle's first tracks were inspired by traditional electronic artists like Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk. In the early 90s he created his first project, as Holle Mangler, and signed his first contract, releasing two albums with the Ardema label. In the mid 90s Holle won second place as Best Newcomer, and Top 20 positions for best album and best song with Germany's most famous electronic music radio programme, Schwingungen. Sampler productions with Arcade and ZYX Music with Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons, David Knopfler etc. ensued.

Holle's work became more and more influenced by rock, even metal, and grew into a modern progressive rock project. Parallel to this development, Holle created "Frau Holle" as side-project in order to produce pure electronic music which is inspired indirectly by artists like Laurent Véronnez (Airwave, Antidote etc.), Gabriel & Dresden, Fluke etc.

The first Frau Holle release featured remixes of tracks from the fifth album of Holger's main project. By 2013 there were 17 new tracks ready, with the best of 10 making up Ascending Souls released by Toucan Music in 2017, the remaining seven tracks being released in 2013.

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