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Music Style:  Old skool hard house       First Toucan Track:  Bring The Bass (2000)      Real Names:  John      

John produced his first Silverknight tracks "Bring The Bass" and "Tripzone" in January 2000, inspired by the underground sound of British hard house. John's idea behind the Silverknight name was to keep the fast, hard beats of UK hard house but to introduce more of an old skool vibe into the music.

In Spring 2000, "Bring The Bass" and "Tripzone" both went online, as well as a follow-up "Back To The Nu Skool". Further tracks followed in the Summer of 2000, including "Dancefloor Virus" and "Plutonium". These early tracks led new record label Rough Diamond to show an interest in Silverknight (they later signed some of John's Hyperterminal material), and the August 2000 remix of "Bring The Bass" was released on white label during early 2001, along with a new track "The Stomper", a blend of hard house and tribal rhythms. The white label made it to release, which proved popular among the hard dance scene, and John followed it with two new tracks "Techno Funk" and "Feel The Pressure". "Techno Funk" again pushed the boundaries of the original Silverknight sound, with funky house, techno and trance influences; "Feel The Pressure" again had an old skool vibe, but was harder and more minimal than previous Silverknight material.

"Techno Funk" and "Feel The Pressure" made it to full release on Rough Diamond in 2002, with remixes of "Feel The Pressure" from Dean Chester and Marc O.D., Roland The Barstool and Little Satan. Around the same time, another Silverknight track "Heaven" also made full release, being the debut vinyl from new label Solid Choonz. The release of "Heaven" featured two mixes, both by John, and these stuck more closely to the original Silverknight sound.

By the end of 2002, hard house had moved on from the old skool influences, and although a few more Silverknight tracks had been produced, none made it to vinyl. John ditched the Silverknight name in favour of other sounds, and by the end of 2003 he was writing hard trance as JMD, which basically combined the hard beats of Silverknight with the melodic trance of Hyperterminal. The early, unsigned Silverknight tracks remained online until January 2003, and some were remastered and made available again in 2005.

EP Releases by Silverknight