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Music Style:  Space age techno, hard house and dance       First Toucan Track:  Science Fiction (2001)      
Space Invaderz

Space Invaderz soon stormed into pole position as Toucan's most downloaded act since their first track "Science Fiction" hit the web in early 2001. This was no mean achievement considering our other most popular artists, such as Redmann and Psychadelik Pedestrian, had established themselves online and offline since 1997 or before.

"Science Fiction" was an experimental track blending hard house and trance with electro synths and a catchy tune. It became the seventh most downloaded Toucan track of 2001, behind only Hyperterminal and Silverknight tracks. The second track, "By The Water", was produced in December 2001 and was even more experimental - a collaboration with Psychadelik Pedestrian which blended ambient breaks with futuristic hard house.

In the summer of 2002, the follow up to "Science Fiction" was produced, called "Robot Wars", and following the same formula has proved another online success. The Invaderz scooped the top five places in the 2002 download chart - with their only five tracks at that point.

By 2004, the producers behind the Invaderz were working on other projects, and "Out Of Your Face", available from February 2005, was billed as their last ever tune. Space Invaderz did return in 2006, however, with a harder sound and two new tracks, "Bass Line" and "God Made Funky". Unfortunately these failed to reach the same level of success of previous tracks and Space Invaderz have now packed their spaceship and headed back out into the cosmos to search for a new horizon.

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