Toucan Music presents 2015

Various Artists

- 82 minutes

Toucan Music presents 2015 2015 has been quite a year at Toucan Music. In March we celebrated 10 years of our free music netlabel by counting down our most popular downloads and releasing new mixes of our first release - JMDs Thirty One and Formation. In July we participated in the first ever Netlabel Day with exclusive tracks from Psychadelik Pedestrian, Blastculture and Notch, later made available as part of our regular EP releases, and on top of all this we also released the fourth Psychadelik Pedestrian LP and the third in our series of Best Bytes compilations taking a look back at the last ten years of Toucan Music, as well as the debut Aerologic LP. In this continuous 82 minute mix we take a journey back through 2015, with a blend of house and trance music from Blastculture, Diamond Cuts, Notch, Aerologic and more.

Whole Mix (192 MP3 File, 113Mb)   CC BY-NC 3.0  


1. X-Ray Acid Heavy-Handed (original mix) by Blastculture 2015
2. Broken Record (original mix) by Notch 2015
3. Escapade (Blastculture locked room remix) by Aerologic 2015
4. Touch by Diamond Cuts 2015
5. Beetlework (extended mix) by Diamond Cuts 2015
6. Whitenote (original mix) by JVS 2015
7. Lava Lamp (Blastculture 3-28AM remix) by Phish Funk 2015
8. Believe In Love (original mix) by Notch 2015
9. Pulse (Notch remix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2015
10. Blacknote (original mix) by JVS 2015
11. The Squelch (Dave Kent remix) by Phish Funk 2015
12. Hypnotise (Phish Funk v Aerologic remix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2015
13. Jangle (Blastculture viscous mix) by Aerologic 2015
14. Jangle (original mix) by Aerologic 2015
15. Renegade (original mix) by Aerologic 2015
16. Thirty One (Aerologic remix) by JMD 2015
17. Crowdpleaser (original mix) by Aerologic 2015
18. Lets Try To Sleep Now (Aerologic remix) by Blastculture 2015
19. Transformation (original mix) by Aerologic 2015
20. War At 136bpm (original mix) by Blastculture 2015
21. Hit The Deck by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2015
22. Voyage To Pluto (Netlabel Day mix) by Prism 2015

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Toucan Music presents 2015 by Toucan Music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License which allows you to re-use these tracks in your own videos, DJ mixes and podcasts providing you are not making a profit.

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